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Undergraduate Research Awards

College Library, in conjunction with the Undergraduate Symposium, invites you to apply for the annual Undergraduate Research Awards. The Undergraduate Research Awards celebrate excellence and creativity in undergraduate library research.

For information on how to apply, visit the College Library web site.

Digital Salon

The Digital Salon brings together students, faculty, and staff to showcase artistic and research-based projects that take digital form or rely heavily on technology in the production process. The Digital Salon is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase digital projects created during their academic careers at UW-Madison. The culminating event is a one-week exhibition of new media projects by UW undergraduate and graduate students to be held each spring.

For more information about the Digital Salon and how to participate, visit the Digital Salon website or email them.

Undergraduate D2P Commercialization Award

Does your research help solve a problem? Could your project provide value to society or become a product or service that businesses use? UW-Madison’s Discovery to Product (D2P), in conjunction with the Undergraduate Symposium, invites you to apply for an Undergraduate D2P Commercialization Award. This award recognizes undergraduate research projects that hold the greatest commercial potential.

Apply online.