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Thanks to everyone who participated in and attended the 2017 Undergraduate Symposium

The annual Undergraduate Symposium showcases undergraduate creativity, achievement, research, service-learning and community-based research from all areas of study at UW–Madison including the humanities, fine arts, biological sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences. This past year nearly 700 students presented, displayed or performed their work for members of the University, the surrounding community, family and friends.

Undergraduate Research Awards

This year’s award recipients are Meredith Braza for her research on infants, trust, and social categories, and Samuel Gee for his research on psychology and mysticism in the late 19th and early 20th century. The $500 Undergraduate Library Research Awards were developed to recognize the aspects of the research process that involve the 40+ libraries on the UW-Madison campus. They celebrate students’ exceptional work in campus libraries and the thorough, thoughtful, and creative engagement students make with print materials, online resources, and library staff. Read more about Meredith's and Sam's research.

Undergraduate D2P Commercialization Award

D2P was proud to present the second annual Undergraduate Commercialization Awards to Michael Kozuch and Rachel Zenker. The Undergraduate Commercialization Awards recognize undergraduate research projects with the greatest commercial potential to deliver value to society or the marketplace. The recipients received a cash prize of $500. Read more about Michael's and Rachel's research.

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